Softball Hitting Tips in the Comfort of your Home

How would you like to hear about the softball hitting tips of top softball hitters right on your own phone?

I've given you the softball hitting tips listed on this website. and you can even sign up for free hitting lessons via e-mail. But maybe you still aren't sure as to exactly how to do the swing properly or you'd like to ask a question or two.

Well now's your chance.

You have a very special opportunity to work with me personally right over the phone!

Imagine that! You can now save the cost of an airplane trip and food and lodging to learn the softball hitting tips I teach at my private lessons on this very special offer.

Not to mention, hear what I sound like!

If you'd come to me for a 1/2 hour lesson you'd spend $35 (and it would be well worth it, I might add :), but what if you could get 1 hour of my time?

Well now during this gift giving season I'm giving this teleconference to you for FREE. So sign up Now.

There are two calls. One is this Saturday, December 17th, 2005 at 6 pm Pacific Time, that's 9 pm, Eastern. The second is Sunday, the 18th at 3 pm Pacific, 6 pm Eastern.

If you are out of the United States, you're still welcome, just figure out the time and join us.

Upon signing up you'll receive an e-mail with instructions. You'll only need to pay for a long distance call to hear the presentation. But if you have a phone that gives you free long distance or a flat rate for any call or free minutes, you can use that and it won't cost you anything!

Sign up now and join others who enjoy talking and learning more about hitting.

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