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My Free Hitting Lessons will make you a better hitter
Rotational Hitting
The powerful swing of rotational hitting is explained in easy to remember steps
Linear Hitting
Linear hitting is an often used hitting style to help your contact hitting in fastpitch softball or baseball.
Hitting Video
The only Hitting Video (DVD) on the market that shows the differences of the two different types of swings and which is best for you.
Hitting Devices to use to make you a better hitter
Here are the hitting devices that will make you a better hitter.
Hitting Practice to be Great at Hitting
Here's the right way to do hitting practice.
Who is Coach Andy Collins?
Learn how to be a better hitter from Coach Andy Collins
Andy Collins teaches softball hitting styles in Ventura and Brazil
News articles about Andy Collins teaching hitting to the Brazilian National Teams and hitting theory controversies
What Others Say about Coach Andy Collins
What others say about the good results in hitting they've gotten from Coach Andy Collins
Hitting Philosophy
Here I describe my hitting philosophy that has made so many kids great hitters
Girl Fastpitch Softball Hitting
Helping girls in their hitting for girl fastpitch softball
Equipment Used for Softball
Here are my recommendations to the best Equipment Used for Softball hitters
Baseball Bat and Softball Bat
How to choose the right bat - baseball bat or softball bat
Success in Little League
How a bench warmer became a good hitter on his Little League team in less than a year
Batting Average
How to figure a batting average and what's a hit and an at bat. Even how to raise your batting average.
Great Hitters
Great Hitters now and in the past and how you could join that list
A Hitting Clinic Near You
Have Coach Andy Put on a Hitting Clinic in Your Town
Coach Andy Collins, The Internet Hitting Coach
Coach Andy Collins talks hitting to help you develop into a great hitter
Tri-Valley Girls Softball
Every thing you want to know about Tri-Valley Girls Softball on one website
Serious about Softball
If you're serious about softball and want to get to the next level click here
Hitting Game
Hitting Game - Search a Word
Batting Cage Help
How to find the Batting Cage that's right for you and to save money doing it
Baseball Gifts Collectibles and More
Where to go to get great baseball gifts collectibles and more
Baseball and Softball Fundraiser Idea
This fundraiser helps your league and you become a better hitter at the same time.
How to make a great Batting Order
Here's how to make a batting order in baseball or softball
Hitting Training
Some of the best hitting training videos on the web for baseball and fastpitch softball
Hitting Books
Here are my recommendations on hitting books and other books about baseball and softball
Women's College World Series - WCWS - 2007
Here's the 2006 Women's College World Series - WCWS - schedule
How to Choose A Bat
Answers to questions on how to choose a bat for baseball or softball
Baseball Quotes
A great hitting tip is to be motivated by great baseball quotes of the past. Here are my favorites.
How to Make All-Stars
A great book describing everything on how to make all-stars
Quick Hitter
The Quick Hitter produces a short quick compact swing for baseball or softball
Follow My Twitter Posts
Follow me on Twitter or read my posts here
Hitting Tip - 50 swings a day
This page has a great hitting tip on how to practicing regularly
2009 National Webball Hitting Challenge Winning Essay
This my winning hitting essay from the 2009 Webball Hitting Challenge
PATV Hitting Audio
Here's the Hitting Coaching I promised you on the PATV broadcast
Training Nutrition Secrets for Baseball and Softball
Learn the Training Nutrition Secrets to help you play your best for Baseball and Softball
Hitting Tips Blog for Softball
A Hitting Tips Blog for fastpitch softball hitting
The Baseball and Softball Hitting Store
The "candy store" for the baseball and softball hitting enthusiasts
batting lessons online
Find out how you can have me as your private hitting coach for batting lessons online
personal pitcher
My personal recommendation for the best hitting device - the Personal Pitcher
AI for Baseball and/or Softball - Artificial Intelligence -
Will ai for baseball be a thing?

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