What Others Say about Coach Andy Collins

Don't take my word for it, see what others say. See if what they have to say matches what you need to become a better hitter.

National Championship Coaches

“Andy, you give away too much information.”, Kim Maher, hitting coach for NCAA National champion, University of California (Cal), 5 time TeamUSA player, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, and Major Women’s Home Run record holder

"You did a very professional job, coaching hitters at my clinic and I don't let just anyone work with hitters at my clinics.", Phil Bruder, 12 time ASA national champion coach, full time hitting instructor with 240 students earning full ride college scholarships, 98 All Americans, and 7 Olympians.


"I feel you actually give more than you receive in the money dept. You are able to evaluate the individual and then see what she is capable of, and bring her best points to the surface; sometimes she does not even know her capabilities." Jo Bintz, when asked if my pricing was right.


"Andy you have totally turned me and my game around. You taught me the basics and wouldn't give in until I perfected them. You pushed me when I needed it, but also somehow knew when i needed a break. You are a great coach and friend and I appreciate what you have done for me greatly."

- Jessica, who I coached from being a "B" all-star at 11, to varsity starter in her freshman year in high school, to being voted all-league 1st team player her sophomore year, and played 4 years at St. Joseph's in New Jersey on a 95% ride scholarship.

"Dear Andy, Thank you for all your help and all the things you give us!, Love, Launa (Age 8) P.S. I Allways have fun!

"You really cared about your customers and we always worked out around each others schedule, rain or shine. Turned me into an all-around great player, hitting, throwing, catching. I threw to second base, no bounces, no sidearm, just perfect form and I had results faster than I ever thought I would."

- Crystal Lindsey, who I coached from age 13 through high school, until she went away to college on a softball and academic scholarship.

Here's what one college coach commented in the recruitment process of Crystal - "Hi Crystal; We received your video and we were very impressed. You have a extremely strong arm and you handle yourself very well behind the plate and in the outfield. Our assistant coach loved your hitting fundamentals, as she spends a lot of time on that with our team."

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