How About a Fundraiser That Helps Your League -

& helps you hit better at the same time

Make your fundraiser this year one that helps your league not just with money but with helping your baseball or softball hitters hit their best.

Sure having candy melting in the back of your car brings back memories of when you were playing in the pee wee leagues, but didn't you want to have something that was easier to sell to the kids in the league than something they could get at the snack bar?

You see, I've created a video that teaches players, coaches and parents easy steps on how to hit their best. I'd love to see as many people take advantage of these easy to follow steps and to see more kids have fun playing the game because hitting is easier for them and they're pounding the ball.

Here's how this fundraiser works: The person buying gets a copy of my video "Rotational vs. Linear, which swing helps you hit best?" (a $40 value), a hitting lesson from me (a $35 value), and the league gets $10.

And they get it all for only $40!

They get $85 worth of value for only the price of the video alone.

How easy is that?

Sign up your league or team today.

If you sell just 10 videos, that's $100, any team should be able to do that to help them with that special purchase.

But if you were to sell 300 - 600 of them, you'd have $3,000 - $6,000 for your league and look at the benefit your league would get not only from the money, but from having every player and coach knowing the latest and best techniques.

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If the kids are local to me (Ventura, CA) they can get their lessons from me privately, by setting an appointment at 805-642-5827.

If you're a long distance away, then we can put on a clinic for your coaches and players. Read about how I put on a clinic for your fundraiser and just think of $40 instead of $30 in the examples stated.

Sign up now! I look forward to hearing from you.

Option #2

If you're out of my area, then maybe the whole idea of doing a clinic / fundraiser is too much going on.

So what I have for you is just selling the videos and getting $15 profit from each one. On the surface this might look like a better deal for the league and if you sold the same numbers it would be, but I have to think that getting an $85 value for $40 is an easier sell.

But you still get the same advantage of having players in your area getting the most up to date information and with your motivation to make even more money, these numbers can rise to $150 for 10 to $4,500 - $9,000 for the 300 or 600 scenerios.

So enter your name to find out more.

Coach Andy, Contact Me About Your Fundraising Idea

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