New Hitting Video has Secret Information that Will Teach You How to Swing Best

Finally, a hitting video for baseball and fastpitch softball that shows you clearly how to hit best using the 2 swing styles being taught today.

Rotational vs. Linear Hitting

Why is there such an argument among coaches on how to teach you to hit your best? You don't care about their arguments, you just want to hit better.

If you're:

* frustrated that your coach is teaching you something different from what your last coach taught you

* hearing the terms “rotational hitting” and “linear hitting” and don't know which is the best way to hit

* starting to hear that there's a "new way" of hitting

* knowing which swing is best already but need to explain it to your coach or other coaches in the league in terms they can understand, by showing them the differences

* just needing the latest techniques in learning and teaching the rotational swing (Coach Andy has developed 6 easy to learn steps to teach it that no one else has that makes it easier to understand)

* you're wanting to see coaching techniques in action and what to do to correct problems so that you get better faster

then this hitting video is perfect for you.

What we've done in this hitting video is show you all the steps to get the most out of either swing. This way you'll recognize which swing you're being taught and have reasons why you want to follow that coach or maybe go against what they say.

As a longtime coach and student of hitting, Coach Andy Collins, the Internet Hitting Coach is uniquely qualified to share with you the two predominant theories on hitting. He's been helping kids, coaches, and parents in reaching their goals in baseball and fastpitch softball for the past 30 years.

– He's a co-author with Phil Bruder, 11 times ASA national champion, on an audio recording entitled "Crushing the Ball Every Time".

- He blogs on on "How to Hit like a Major Leaguer"

– He's one of 6 coaches chosen to coach at the 2001 World Student-Athlete Games with over 151 countries represented, and

– He's a clinician to coaches and kids in the US and for the Brazilian national teams.

This makes him a coach worth watching and listening to.

In this video you'll discover:

* the secret steps to great hitting

* which swing is used by the top baseball players in the world

* why each swing became popular

* what you need to know to make an intelligent choice for your player(s)

* which is more traditionally used for baseball and which is used more traditionally for softball

* why these two swings could be used in both baseball or softball

* why the UCLA coach (who's finished 1st twice and 2nd twice in the 2002 – 2005 NCAA Women's College World Series) is using the swing more traditionally used in baseball and why you might want to consider it too.

If you're a player, parent, or coach of baseball or fastpitch softball, you need this hitting video to take you to the next level.

Watch it today, practice the swing you choose as the best and the drills it shows, and start hitting better and harder in the weeks ahead and into next season.

Until the producer makes me raise the price I'm selling it for 20% off (a $10 savings). It normally sells for $49.95 (and is so marked on the DVD case itself), so take advantage of this offer now while you're thinking about it, before the price increase.

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I have another page where you can go to learn more about the linear vs. rotational swing. There's even a place for free hitting lessons on the page for one or both swing styles. (This will pop open another window so you might need to press your control key or whatever you system needs for a pop up window to happen.)

If you need to see the differences between a rotational and a linear swing. Here's more info.

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