How would you like 7 hitting lessons from the Internet Hitting Coach? For Free? Delivered right to your e-mail box?

Each lesson will be like getting private lessons from your own hitting coach - me.

This website is full of hitting tips, but you want more.

So I'll give it to you.

In each lesson I will take one key to hitting and break it down so you can understand it better and get it into your swing.

There's one lesson per day where we're going to cover ........

1) The Proper Stance (Do you know the stance that will help you generate the most power?)

2) The Proper Grip (We'll show you why this grip helps you in getting a better swing.)

3) The Start of the Swing (On day 3 we'll move into what starts the swing and how it helps you stay on balance and prevents over striding.) When the National Team's Hitting Coach asked me for advice, what I reveal on day 3 is what I told him. Maybe it can help you too!

4), 5), & 6) The Swing (We'll take 3 days to cover 3 things that actually occur together and slow it down so you understand how each part works together.

On day 7 we'll give you a break from the hitting lessons. (I figure if the Lord takes a break after 6 days of working hard, you probably deserve one too.)

Lesson 7) The Follow Through (On day 8 you'll learn how to keep the bat barrel moving quickly through the zone and you'll meet Ikey and Mikey and discover if you take them with you to every game with you and place them in the right places, they can help you be a better hitter).

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You'll need to decide what type of hitter you are, or want to be, as there are two types of swings being taught and you might get caught in the cross-fire of these coaching wars. To learn more about these different hitting styles, click here.

You probably didn't come to this page to get involved in different hitting styles, you just want to stop striking out or you want to hit it with more power.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'll let you learn the power hitter's swing, for those who want to blast the ball up over the infielder's heads, hitting it into the outfield and maybe even over the fence. This swing style I'm going to call the rotational swing.

FREE Rotational Hitting Lessons via E-mail

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And for those who just want to get a hit, more for singles hitters who make contact, I have free hitting lessons for the swing style I'll call the linear swing. You can sign up for either set of lessons, or if you're not sure what type of hitter you should be, you can sign up for both, but they are separate signups, so after you've signed up for one, hit your back button to return to this page for the other lessons and do it a third time to sign up for the free hitting e-magazine I have for you at the bottom of the page!

FREE Hitting Lessons via E-mail

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If you still want additional individual attention and you are in the Ventura area contact me by calling 805-642-5827.

Or you can get more hitting tips, hitting news, and offers for ways to helping become a better hitter by signing up for my free hitting e-zine. This takes a separate sign up so sign up for the free hitting lessons and come back to sign up for the hitting e-zine.

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