Rotational Hitting

"Who else wants to hit powerfully like the home run hitters in the pros and the Olympic team?"

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Rotational hitting is the style that is most often used by all of the great hitters playing in the Major Leagues and their Hall of Fame players.

It is making inroads into fastpitch softball, most notably at UCLA, who has won the NCAA title in 2003 and 2004 using these hitting methods and many feel that the dominating performance of the 2004 Olympic Team was a reflection of their using these hitting methods.

What I've done here is make 6 easy to remember steps so you can become a great and powerful hitter who's hitting the ball into the outfield and even over the fence.

Master these steps and you are on your way to achieving your goal of being a hitter that can go as far as your dreams, desires, and hard work can take you.


The stance is similar to when you land from a jump - knees bent - feet slightly wider than your shoulders - on balance - bend slightly forward from the waist.


Since we want to hit the ball over the infielder's heads, into the gaps of the outfield, we need to bend into an angle that will put you on a "plane" that lines up with where you want to hit it.


The start of an explosive and powerful swing. Va - involves a pre-motion for the lead leg, such as a slight step, or a raising of the leg, or even just a raising on to the big toe, followed by VOOM - an explosive dropping (planting) of the heel, which leads immediately to . . .


The powerful force of the rotating hips starts with the heel drop (VOOM) which pulls the rear hip (pelvis) toward the front side in a move Elvis would've been proud of. From the axis of your bend (or dip) this move goes into spinning the . . .


The key to powerful hitting is spinning the middle (torso) of your body as quickly as possible so that by keeping the bat connected to the rotational force, it swings around much like the nylon cord of a weed whacker. The bat will be spinning perpendicular to the axis you set when you got on the plane.


When the bat comes around the rotation, on plane with the pitch, contact is made most strongly with the bottom (or pull hand) being wrapped around the bat with the palm facing in a downward direction and the top hand's palm (or guide hand) facing upwards (in relation to the body's angle, not to the ground).

PRINT THIS PAGE and post it where you can see all 6 of the rotational hitting tips often and practice these 6 steps over and over until you've mastered them. Then you just might hear someone in the stands yelling "That's a great hitter".

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