"Who Else Would Like Coach Andy to Put on a Hitting Clinic in Their Area?"

This page is for league administrators or teams that put want to put on a hitting clinic for the teams and players in their area to help them be better hitters.

It's also a resource for coaches to learn how to teach the methods they've been exposed to on these web pages, through the e-mail hitting lessons, hitting newsletter, and hitting videos that Coach Andy produces.

Here's what your league or player's get in the hitting clinic:

1) A coach's clinic - this way after I leave you will have trained coaches to continue teaching what your kids will have started to master.

2) Either a larger and longer hitting clinic with stations directed by Coach Andy and your newly trained coaches, or smaller and shorter sessions where Coach Andy trains and some of the newly trained coaches assist with their teams. (For example, would you like a 4 hour session for 100 players or would you like 5 - 45 minute sessions for 20 players at a time?)

3) 100 videos of my training on hitting, so instead of a t-shirt or a hat, the kids will have something they can review with their parents and coaches on what they learned and can practice the correct swing.

(Although if you want to add a shirt or hat or shirt to the clinic experience, feel free to do so, I have one resource and graphics for it, but you may have your own people for that).

4) You can also get Coach Andy's expertise to teach players and/or coaches fielding, throwing, specific positions, and even cover coaching philosophy and teaching specific drills.

5) Make the day memorable by using Coach Andy's degree in Recreation to show you how to enhance the event, by combining the hitting clinic with competitions like home run derby, hitting for placement, and bunting for placement.

6) And you'll get a drill to use that will absolutely have the kids talking about this clinic for a long time afterwards.

* The videos alone are valued at $4,000,

* along with Coach Andy's time and expertise,

* plus whatever fund raising you want to put into the mix.

And for the good news!

All of this will only cost you $3,000 (that's only $30 per kid) for all of the above.

But Coach Andy only puts on about 12 clinics a year, so you need to hurry and contact him now to reserve your dates and times. Fill out the form below today!

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