How a Little League bench warmer became a good hitter

Even hitting one over the fence in less than a year

“A Home Run, like over the Fence?” I asked Foothill Little League minor league player, John Thompson, age 10, when he told me what he’d done in the game the day before.

Last Year at this time John was always at the bottom of his team’s batting order. He couldn’t hit the ball hard, was striking out a lot, and mostly hoping for a walk.

Today was a different day. Now he bats at the top of his team’s batting order, has the second highest batting average on the team, .688 and had just hit a line drive that cleared the fence for a home run.

How do you get to be a better hitter that fast in Little League?

Here’s John’s story, maybe it can be your story in a very short period of time.

John’s parents were sensing their son’s frustration and when they saw the improvement in 2 of John’s friends they asked how they did it. They both came back with the same answer, “We learned how to be a better player from Coach Andy”. So the parents signed John up for some lessons and started coming weekly right before signups and through the waiting period. This gave him 10 – 12 lessons before the season started. We covered The Keys to Great Hitting and worked on perfecting those steps, so that John has practiced those steps many, many times over. Each week getting encouragement, teaching, and practice on areas that can be improved.

Great results like this are very common, getting coaching from Coach Andy Collins

If you are looking to go from a poor hitter to a good hitter or maybe you’re an okay hitter but you want to be a great hitter, then you should seriously consider getting a personal hitting coach.

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