Who is Coach Andy Collins?

... and how can he help you be a better hitter?

Coach Andy Collins can be your shortcut to hitting success.

Are you having batting problems? Do you just want to hit better? If learning the hitting techniques presented here in these web pages would make your problems go away real soon, would you do them?

Maybe you need to hit like an all-star. You have found your shortcut to doing just that, are you going to take it?

ANDY COLLINS has the credentials to help you be a better hitter

Because he teaches only the techniques taught by the top hitting coaches in the country.

He has learned these tips and techniques and put them into practice in over 45 years of coaching.

And has himself become one of the top hitting coaches, having won the 2009 Webball International Hitting Essay Contest

He has put on clinics for the Brazilian junior national teams.

He has put on clinics with Olympic athletes and National championship coaches.

He teaches "How to Hit Like a Major Leaguer" on MLB.com.

He trains coaches in how to teach hitting.

One of six coaches chosen in 2001 to coach at the World Scholar-Athlete Games attended by over 2,000 athletes, representing 151 countries.

He's produced the videos  Rotational vs. Linear, Which Swing Helps You Hit Best

Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Softball

Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Baseball

Fielding and Throwing Skills and Drills for Youth Softball

Fielding and Throwing Skills and Drills for Youth Baseball

He's the author of the book "How to Make All-Stars"

He's the coach on the TV series Youth Baseball and Softball Hitting Training

He has coached numerous kids to all-national awards.

He has coached numerous kids in getting COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS.

One of his techniques has been adopted by the former National Teams Hitting coach at his clinics.

He still plays 3 times a week in Newbury Park, CA & gives private lessons to hitters from ages 6 - 65 playing baseball and softball (fast and slow).

See what others say about Coach Andy Collins, click here.

If you'd like to see a picture of him, go here.

How to get started with Coach Andy -

If you're within traveling distance (or vacationing nearby) give Coach Andy a call (805) 642-5827 and setup lessons.

plus, anyone can get free information from this website. But even better yet is getting his hitting newsletter ...

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