Introducing the Quick Hitter

Hi, Coach Andy here and I want to tell you my thoughts about the Quick Hitter.

If you've read many of my articles on hitting you know I'm big on working off of a tee to start perfecting your swing. Then I think the next logical step is to work up to toss.

For those of you new to baseball or softball (or the coaching drills that help hitters learn to hit), toss is a drill that helps the hitter concentrate on a moving ball, but the ball is tossed softly into the hitting zone for the hitter to get many swings in a short period of time (normally the ball is hit into a net or fence, but can be hit out into the field as well).

It saves your aching back and knees

Doing the toss drill by hand normally requires you to bend down so you're close to the strike zone or spending lots of time on your knees.

Not to mention all of the time spent bending over picking up all of the balls!

With the Quick Hitter all of that is gone! It will pick up the balls for you while you're standing up and ..

then it allows you to do a couple of different toss type drills to help your hitter get better.

Do you want to know a secret? Don't tell the manufacturer, but I use his product to pick up balls to put in the buckets and I even use the Quick Hitter to put the balls on the tee when we do tee drills, it's that good and comfortable in helping pickup balls. I can tell you after coaching 35 years I've put in my time bending over shagging balls. This is a welcome relief. If you've spent any time helping your kid(s) you'll know what I mean :) and really appreciate it too.

It can even save you on Chiropractor bills :) since you won't be bending your back and squatting with your knees when you're shagging balls in the field of regular hitting practice, not to mention the toss drill balls that fall to the ground.

No Extra Props needed for the Drop Drill

One of the best drills to develop a quick swing is the Drop Drill.

The Quick Hitter is perfect for this. All you need to do is pick up a ball, hold the ball in place with the tongs, lift the ball high above the strike zone, release the Quick Hitter's handle, and the ball drops straight down. If you want to replicate the pre-motion of the swing I tell my hitters "Load", to which they go into their pre-motion load position, torquing up into their "hands back" position, then I drop it.

A hitter needs to be ready and get their swing in correctly and quickly to hit the ball before it hits the ground. This drill is not easy, because the ball drops pretty quickly. But if they can master this, their swing is quick and helps them adjust to any pitch, no matter what the pitcher throws them. It helps them develop a quick and explosive swing.

Get twice as much for the money

The Quick Hitter works with both baseballs and softballs, so if you have players in both types of leagues, this one device works for both people.

Another way to make it do double duty is with your team. The coach can make an extra hitting station off to the side so your team will get in twice as many swings as the other teams are getting.

Anyone can use the Quick Hitter

The good part about this is you or some parent who's just hanging around can pick up balls and either toss or drop them into the strike zone, even if they don't know the game and even if they're not in great physical shape, there's no bending over to retrieve balls.

All they have to do is position the Quick Hitter over a ball, squeeze the handle and hold it until they're ready to release it and then release the handle - So Easy!

Only $59.95

You can't get a toss device for hitting anywhere cheaper than this!

They have automatic toss machines in the hundreds of $$$, then there's the QuickSwing that isn't that portable for double the price of the QuickHitter and for both of these alternatives you still end up having to bend over to pick up the balls.

I'm not here to tell you that those other toss devices don't have their place, because they do, but so does the Quick Hitter.

This a great tool to help you hit better, at the lowest cost for any toss hitting device on the market, and it saves coach's and parent's backs and knees!

With its low price, it's a no-brainer. If you're looking for a perfect gift item under $60 (plus shipping and handling and rush shipping is available) for that hitter and/or coach on your list ...