Hitting Shirt

Wouldn't it be cool to have a hitting shirt, a T-shirt that could help you hit?

You like wearing (or you'd like to wear) shirts that tell of your love for softball. But now you can do that and help your hitting at the same time with this cool practice shirt.

I designed this shirt so you can always have the 7 steps right on your hitting shirt. The 7 steps will be right there ready for you to remember. They are written upside down so you can read them yourself while you're practicing.

Who cares if other's can't read it? You want them where you can see them and remember them so you can be the great hitter you want to be.

It's also designed so a coach or parent (or another player) can check you if your line is right and if your hands are tracking correctly. I put one solid line right down the middle of the shirt. So if you're twisting correctly, like rotating around a pole, then the line won't move much in relation to where it was before the swing.

Another line shows hands on it to remind you of where your hands should be tracking if your swing is executed with the perfect karate chop/karate punch type swing. (For righthanders only at this time).

One bad thing though, my silk screener moved 150 miles away and I'm not sure when I can get him to set up his equipment again, so I know I have 16 shirts left from the original run, so if you're thinking how cool this shirt would be and how it could help your hitting, I wouldn't wait, the shirts could be all gone. Heck, this shirt might end up being a collector's item. Order today.

It's a white t-shirt with black reminder lines and red writing. Only $14.95 (+ $1.08 tax (CA only) + $4 s/h) gets you incredible t-shirt.

To pay by check, send your money to Coach Andy Collins, 6801 Dove St., Ventura, Ca, 93003 (mention the size, men's S, M, L, or XL) or if you prefer to pay by secure credit card we allow you to do this all over the world with our international banking partner, iKobo. To order your hitting shirt just click on the "Add to Cart" and when you're done, proceed to the checkout button here on this page or on the bank's own page from hitting the "Checkout" button.