Video Drills

for the video
"Rotational vs. Linear,
Which Swing Helps You Hit Best"

As promised, the video drills I mentioned in the video. But actually I'm going to go much further than that and give you up to the minute findings on hitting and lots of other stuff.

First, as promised, there are 2 drills that start out looking exactly the same but are done entirely differently depending on which swing you use to hit.

Knock the Ball Drill

For this drill you use a ball and place it near the back heel of the back foot.

For the linear swing you squish the bug, which would knock the ball away, while you're doing the swing correctly.

For the rotational swing the set up is the same, but because the rear heal comes off the ground due to the force of the rotation, and you use the ball as a marker to see that you are coming up correctly and not spinning and that you cleared the ball with your heel.

The Towel Drill

B. The other is a towel drill. The linear swing is more like the snapping of the towel like we did in gym classes to snap someone else and the rotational swing uses the towel to swing and pop the towel into a wall.

Both of these drills are done so differently but start out so similarly that it demonstrates the fundamental differences so well.