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You want to be a better player so choose the best softball clinics to help you on your way to reaching your goals.

The next two months there won't be any more chances to attend softball clinics where Coach Andy Collins, The Internet Hitting Coach, can work with you to help you be a better hitter.

Coach Andy just got back from teaming up with coaches Phil Bruder, 11 time ASA national championship coach, Carrie Dolan, NCAA champion Pitcher with the University of Arizona, Doug Meyers, 2003 ASA national champs 16U, Tyrone Davis, 18U Gold Batbusters, Rob Way, 18U Gold Minors Gold, Don Borelli and Ted Catalano doing a 2 day clinic in Los Alamitos on December 20 & 21. Coach Andy and Phil Bruder handled the hitting.

Future clinics will get you the very best instruction on being a better hitter. We will cover everything, from the proper way to hit, plenty of practice on the tee, from the toss, and off the machine and we'll throw in some live pitching to hit off of.

We'll also show you the correct way to bunt. You'll have all the drills that you'll need to work on to get you ready for this upcoming season. It will be here sooner than you think!

I put on another clinic for catchers where I'll take my 30 years of training catchers and go over every aspect of making you a great catcher. This is such a fun position, you'll love getting dirty! I have trained 7 different catchers who've played at the national tournament level. One was 3 time all-national. I now work with her nieces. One of my prior catching clinics attracted 70 girls all training in the one position of catcher.

If you'd like to have me put on a clinic for your league or team or give me a call to reserve your spot for future clinics. (805-642-5827)

What a great gift this would make! The thrill and confidence your hitter or player would have from learning the best ways to do things.

I'll issue you a gift certificate in the name of the player and they can use them for these upcoming sessions.

Call Soon! (805-642-5827)

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