How to go about Making the High School Team

I'm about to show you how you can be making the high school team whether you're playing baseball or girls fastpitch softball (and in a few states, slo-pitch softball).

Whether you are in high school already or you're only 8 - 10 years old and it's a dream of yours (making the high school team), there are things you can do that no one tells you or your parents about that can really enhance your chances.

I'll cover all the things you or your parents would want to know. From the things you need to be working on, to the attitudes the coaches will want to see, to some tips that you'd think would have nothing to do with baseball or softball, but could mean the difference between fulfilling your dream of playing for your high school and feeling the emptiness of being left off the list or roster that gets posted with the names of the kids who make the team.

Many of these ideas I've been teaching to a number of my students from my own observations and talking with other coaches. I have a very good track record at helping kids reaching their goals of making the high school team, making all-stars, getting college scholarships, etc.

But before I produce this book, I want to make sure it is absolutely the best product out there on making the high school team, so I want to make sure I cover any and all of the questions you may have. So I'll be giving two free tele-seminars on this subject this week. Please fill in your e-mail address and I'll get you the times and the call-in numbers.

Plus I'd sure be open to hearing from any other high school coaches if they'd like to share the things they thing most kids miss when they come to tryouts.

So please feel free to leave your feedback here and check back to this page in a couple of months for the end product.

Making the High School Team Info

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