My Recommendations for The Equipment Used for Baseball Hitting

I get asked all the time what is the best equipment used for baseball. What equipment will help them or their children be better hitters? Does this equipment differ from the equipment used for softball?

The recommendations I make on this page are the same for baseball as for softball except in point number 2.

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I personally make sure that every kid that is serious about baseball, uses a batting tee. If you can't hit a ball that doesn't move, that's sitting in the middle of the plate out in the red zone correctly, how do you expect to hit a moving ball?

# 1 is a Batting Tee

There are a variety of batting tees ranging in price from $20 to over $200. Obviously there are advantages to the higher priced tees, so go for your budget.

#2 is a practice bat

The second item I would get under the category of equipment used for baseball is a bat that helps encourage your swing, one with a small sweet spot. This would differ from softball. For most baseball players, especially from age 13 on up, I recommend getting a wood bat to practice with. You need to hit the ball with the correct mechanics in order to make a good hit. Then when you went to your aluminum bat you have the advantage of both a good swing and a larger sweet spot.

For the younger kids wood is too heavy to make a good practice swing. So I would get an aluminum bat that fits this bill.

#3 is pitching machines

So far we may only be into this for $50, but now it starts to move up, depending on your motivation.

After you've perfected your swing, and not until then, would I move on to pitching machines.

I personally like the Personal Pitcher HS that pitches golf ball sized whiffle balls and the Hitting Streak from ATEC.

For more information about Pitching Machines and other Equipment Used for Softball

#4 is specialty items

After that there are a number of specialty items that can help but these are the main three right now.

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