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Coach Andy's Hitting E-zine, #28 - Bunting
April 30, 2006

Bunting and other news

Breaking news - I will be in Austin, TX May 11 - 16th, so if you need lessons or would like your team or league to get your coaches and players trained to hit better and harder, please contact me immediately. I'd also be happy to do a catcher's clinic.

I have a little something for everyone in this newsletter. There is an article on bunting as I promised last time, there's a resource for the baseball folks, there's a resource for those coaching younger girls in fastpitch softball, and for those patient souls, I finally have a DVD of my rotational and linear video. So read all the way through for what interests you.

From the back to the front order:

I. Amazingly, the DVD is ready!!

Many of you have been very patient and waiting for the DVD to come out so I want to give you a special deal on it. Find all the details here.

Softball Resources

II. Young fastpitch softball players and their coaches

I have found something for you specifically. UCLA head coach, Sue Enquist, has put together 3 videos on coaching the younger player.

One is on bunting and hitting,, one is on baserunning, and the other is on infield play,

Baseball Resources

III. Baseball Coaches and Players who want to better their offensive game

I have found something for you specifically. University head coach, Rod Delmonico, has put together 3 videos on the offensive game.

One is on the hitting fundamentals,, one is on baserunning,, and the other is on hitting drills,

How to bunt

IV. Bunting

I've built a whole page describing the fundamentals on how to bunt.

You can go here to view all elements of the sacrifice bunt and my thoughts on bunting for a base hit.

Did you already get a jump on everyone else on how to bunt by signing up for the RSS feeds and announcements at my website?

If you notice on a number of the pages there are links to "My Yahoo" or "My MSN" or "My Google" or "RSS/XML", these allow you to learn as soon as I create a page or change an exiting one rather than waiting for the newsletter to announce it (or possibly miss it completely, if I fail to mention changes to the website).

Again, write to me soon if you're near Austin, TX the second weekend in May or if you have any other questions you can write to me via e-mail.
For other hitting learning, go to the past issues of my hitting newsletter page.

Welcome to you who are new to my hitting e-zine.

Thanks for reading and talk to you next time.

Coach Andy

6801 Dove St. Ventura, CA 93003


Coach Andy Collins has been helping players achieve their goals in softball and baseball for over 30 years. He's an advisor to national teams and can help you be a better hitter. He offers free information on his website and through free e-mail hitting lessons.

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