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Hitting Learning - Issue #62
October 15, 2009

Hitting Learning

Now that it's fall what do you do to enhance your hitting learning?

Are you playing in a fall league?

Are you practicing what we've taught you on the website?

Have you taken in a clinic? Are you going to go to one during winter break?

Have you bought a hitting video?

Have you watched any hitting learning videos you already have? Again?

Make Hitting Learning Fun

If you're a coach, make what you're teaching fun for the kids, especially in the fall where it should be about preparing them for the spring and summer seasons.

If you're a player, mix it up, do different drills, work on different locations, speeds, types of pitches.

Maybe mix up where you practice for a change of scenery.

Reward yourself. Hit an orange instead of a ball just to smash it to smitherenes. Hit a golfball just to see yourself hit it farther than you ever have hit a baseball or softball.

Have different stations that you or the kids can go to for doing different drills.

I've got a video coming out at the end of the month that will show you all different types of drills and how to make practices that are a lot of fun and can get you 2 - 5 times the number of swings in. So watch for that.

Hitting Learning can happen watching the Playoffs

Fellow coach, Richard Todd, of has been putting his thoughts about how the pros are playing in the playoffs and what you can learn and apply to your own game. Interesting hitting learning and other takes are all on his website

Speaking of Fun

This is off the subject of hitting learning, but it still involves the game we all love and it ties into the making it fun.

Do you like to play sudoku? (If you don't know what that is, I won't have time to explain it). If you're like me you got hooked some time back and you play it almost daily.

Well how cool is this? I just found an ESPN sudoku book that doesn't use numbers but uses the positions on the baseball field! P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, & RF It makes it a little more challenging but is still the same on all the ways that it's played and the strategies.

I reserved 10 copies for you my friends. If you'd like one, they're $9.95 and I'll ship it out book rate for $3, just reply to this e-mail and I'll e-mail you back a paypal request to pay which you can pay with PayPal, credit card or electronic check and I'll ship you out one (if any are left, otherwise, I'll tell you they're sold out via e-mail). Might just be perfect for yourself or that great fan in your life.

Thanks for reading this hitting newsletter. I'm sorry I didn't get this one out as soon as I'd like, but you'll like the projects I've got coming up for you, so don't forget to open each e-mail from me so you don't miss out on any of the exiting news I have for you to become a better hitter.

Again, if you have any questions or comments you can write to me via e-mail.

To see other hitting tips in past newsletters, go to the past issues of my hitting newsletter page.

Welcome to you who are new to my hitting e-zine.

Thanks for reading and talk to you next time.

Coach Andy

6801 Dove St. Ventura, CA 93003


Coach Andy Collins has been helping players achieve their goals in softball and baseball for over 30 years. He's an advisor to national teams and can help you be a better hitter. He offers free information on his website and through free e-mail hitting lessons and has just introduced a new hitting video discussing and demonstrating how to hit great with either the rotational or linear hitting methods.

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