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Elk Grove, Sacramento, Modesto here I come
October 14, 2010

Elk Grove, Sacramento, or Modesto Hitting Coach

I'm going to be an Elk Grove, Sacramento, or Modesto Hitting Coach for this weekend only, so if you live near one of those California towns I may be able to help you get better in your hitting or help your whole team.

Just call me 805-642-5827 or respond to this e-mail and lets see if we can meet up.

Did you miss my last e-mail?

In the last newsletter, I told you about how my oldest son is now getting to the age of coaching his own son and where he played in the past and certainly learned a lot from me about playing the game, but didn't know much about coaching kids and teams.

So what he's asked me to do is share my knowledge with him and I've put some of my thoughts into written and video form so that not only will he benefit, but if you'd like to learn how to coach a team the way I do, you can get it as well.

I told about how he had lots of questions for me, but he wanted to make this resource as complete as possible so we've put up a questionnaire asking you to give us the #1 thing you'd want to know about coaching a youth baseball or youth softball team from a 35 year veteran. It can be about the mechanics of game and how to get kids to do them, it can be about choosing the team, running the practice, how to organize the team party, how to get kids to not be afraid of the ball, what bats to use, simply anything you'd like to know.

And as a thank you for helping us out by asking that, I'm giving my top 3 tips on how to get kids to hit better the fastest and enter you in a drawing to win the product for free.

Here's the page again to my 1 question page for coaching youth baseball
If you have been a coach for a while, you might be able to help me by telling me what you wished you'd known starting out.

If you'll be coaching girls in softball you can go to my separate questioinnaire for softball.

For the girls, you might want to ask the same questions or ones specific to coaching girls or if any of the skills differ, or what about the different pitching motion than throwing overhand or what about the slapping game.

Thanks for doing that. Again the two sites are either for the boys baseball and for the girls softball.

I have other interviews lined up

Please tell me if you'd be interested in hearing from other fellow coaches that I've been talking to. We're trying to arrange a teleseminar to give you their information.

One has a whole lot of information about getting kids to be able to pitch with more velocity.

Another is a baseball player's agent, an attorney by profession and a coach for scout teams who represents aspiring major leaguers in contract negotiations.

I also have a non-coach who's written extensively on how to get college scholarships and has asked me to co-author her book as it pertains to scholarships for girls fastpitch softball players.

So reply to this e-mail to let me know if you'd be interested in hearing what any or all of these people have to say on their area of expertise.

Also reply with questions you'd like answered on any of these topics.

Championship Series - Don't forget to Watch

I always say you can learn a lot from the best, so free lessons are available on your TV if you'll just take advantage of them. Starts Friday and Saturday.

Don't forget to call me if you can use a batting coach and you live near the Sacramento area or you need a Modesto Hitting Coach.

Thanks for reading this hitting newsletter.

Again, if you have any questions or comments you can call me at 805-642-5827 or write to me via e-mail.

To see other hitting tips in past newsletters, go to the past issues of my hitting newsletter page.

Welcome to you who are new to my hitting e-zine.

Thanks for reading and talk to you next time.

Coach Andy

6801 Dove St. Ventura, CA 93003


Coach Andy Collins has been helping players achieve their goals in softball and baseball for over 35 years. He's an advisor to national teams and can help you be a better hitter. He offers free information on his website and through free e-mail hitting lessons and has just introduced 4 new videos on teaching fielding, throwing, and running hitting practices along with another hitting video discussing and demonstrating how to hit great with either the rotational or linear hitting methods.

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