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Coach Andy's Hitting E-zine, Issue #016-- Hitting
November 15, 2004

Better Hitting

Using Pitch Counts and Oranges

In this issue you'll find

1. Thoughts from the World Series Using Pitch Counts to be better at hitting

2. A Hitting Shirt

3. Past Links

4. Using an Orange to be better at hitting ??

Using Pitch Counts

I was watching the World Series (weren't we all?) and the thing I noticed the most about hitting at the World Series level of Major League Baseball is how if the pitchers throw their strikes on the edges of the strike zone they do well, but if they're off just a little bit, the hitters kill them.

I'm surprised at the number of 1st pitches that were balls and not strikes. If you're a stat freak like I am you might find this writer's views on this very topic entertaining and enlightening. The writer talks about the importance of the 1st pitch being a strike and the impact it has on the overall chance of a hitter getting a hit.

To read the full article, follow this link. The following advice works for slo-pitch hitting, fastpitch hitting and baseball hitting.

The observations I made and the article seem to bear out that good hitters help themselves by not swinging at balls and when the pitcher doesn't place it where they want to the good hitter makes the pitcher pay.

So it's important to know how to hit pitches that are pitching mistakes well. Pitchers will normally throw more mistakes when they are behind in the count because they don't want to get closer to waling the batter so they can't take a chance of throwing right on the corners.

The best counts to do this type of hitting are called hitter's counts, generally 2 balls and 0 strikes and 3 balls and 1 strike (3-0 can also be a hitter's count, but many times the coach will not want you swinging at the pitch to try to get the walk).

To be a good hitter you need to know what types of pitches and their locations are and when you get to hitting counts, look to get those pitches you really like and belt them.

If you want the right steps to practice and you haven't received them before (or if you've lost them and want to review) go here for your free hitting lessons via e-mail.

Hitting Shirt

Wouldn't it be cool to have a hitting shirt, a T-shirt that could help you hit?

You like wearing (or you'd like to wear) shirts that tell of your love for softball. But now you can do that and help your hitting at the same time with this cool hitting shirt.

I designed this shirt so you can always have the hitting steps right on your hitting shirt. The 7 steps will be right there ready for you to remember. They are written upside down so you can read them yourself while you're practicing.

To find out how you can get one for your very own, go here.


So you don't have to go back to past newsletters, I thought I'd include a section here for those of you who remember there was something in one of the past newsletters that you liked but didn't want to take the energy to look.

The first is a great resource, writings from Babe Ruth around 1928, where he described his beliefs about hitting, pitching, and playing the game itself. It's a great read and you can learn a lot. To see about this Babe Ruth info, go here.

The second is the device that's designed to protect your face from line drives and bad hops. It's called Game Face. I have to admit they look a little dorky, but we're talking about protecting the only face (and possible eye sight) we have and we just might be better players and be more aggressive out in the field if we wore one of these.

For the Olympic Girl's hitting statistics they're here.

I included a hitting game on my website, it's a search-a-word game.

I've added the ability to accept credit cards now for those interested in the Phil Bruder hitting CD.

I also had a couple of links for people who were interested in websites. To see how your website ranks and how to increase traffic there's this link for website traffic. (Hint: it's at the bottom of the page).

Another link goes to a free book describing how to set up an internet business in 30 days or less. Go here, before he removes the website.

If you're still interested in going back to back issues use this.

Hitting an Orange

I like to keep hitting fun, so at the end of some of my lessons, I go to an orange tree we have in the back yard and get one of the biggest, fattest, juiciest oranges I can find and place it on the tee for the kids to smash to smithereenes.

It helps them focus and concentrate, because a perfectly executed swing will smash the orange the best, making the most mess, which is what they think is so cool. But they only get one, so they really need to deliver the perfect swing, because any hit to the ball (orange) will destroy it, but not all of them will explode the way they want it to.

I found another side benefit, when I pitched the orange to one of my students. She actually let it go by. When I asked her why, she said "because I wanted to get a pitch that I could really smash it on."

That's the way we should all be viewing our swings, at least before we get two strikes. Why swing at something we can't smash?

Think about that for a while and you'll be a better hitter. Use an orange next time and see if it might just help you too.

Welcome to you who are new to my hitting e-zine.

Thanks again for all of you who read this newsletter. If you find it of value, could you please pass it on to someone you can think of right now?

Talk to you next time.

Coach Andy

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