Catching Drills

Learn the secrets of catching drills from one of the top softball coaches in the country. Sue Enquist of UCLA is joined by one of her top former catchers and now an assistant coach, Kelly Inouye-Perez.

UCLA Catching Drills

Catching Drills offers a series of proven drills that are designed to develop several of the essential skills and techniques involved in sound catcher play. In an easy-to-understand and apply manner, a detailed explanation and demonstration of how each drill should be performed in provided.

The drills covered in the DVD are appropriate for players at all competitive levels.

Among the drill topics covered in the DVD: specific learning objective, blocking, throws back to home plate, throws to second, fielding bunts, and pop flies.

Learn these catching drills from these two great coaches:

Sue Enquist is the head softball coach at UCLA. A 1980 graduate of UCLA, Enquist has had a long and storied career with her alma mater. As a centerfielder for the Bruins (1975-1978), Enquist had a then record career batting average of .401, while earning honors as UCLA's first softball All-American. From 1980-1988, she served as an assistant softball coach under longtime Bruin mentor, Sharron Backus. She then serd as the Bruins co-head coach with Backus from 1989-1996. In 1997, Enquist assumed the role of sole head coach for the Bruins.

During her extraordinary tenure on the bruins coaching staff, UCLA has played in a record 18 championship games winning 10 titles -- including the 2003 and 2004 championships. (In 2005 and in 2002 they were runners-up).

Kelly Inouye-Perez was the starting catcher for three Bruin NCAA Championship teams in 1989, '90 and '92 which included perfect fielding percentages her junior and senior seasons. She played on US International Teams in Japan (85') and in Peru (87') as well as catching several elite pitchers, including Lisa Fernandez, Lisa Longaker and Dee Dee Weiman.

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