Using Softball for Fitness

Which Came First - the Fitness or the Fun?

Can you use softball for fitness? If you're like me, you need more motivation to get in shape. Sure, we know we should, but for some of us it is no fun.

So I use softball to have fun. I'll admit that softball, in of itself, is not the full cardio/strength regimen we all need, but if you're also like me, you want to play the game well, so you do that by being in better shape. (Nothing is worse than trying to walk up the stairs to work Monday morning after 3 games of softball over the weekend if you're not in shape :)

So use something fun like this to motivate yourself to start getting in shape, if for no other reason than to perform better and have more fun at the game you love.

Who knows, maybe you'll actually have fun doing the exercises and routines as well as from the results you achieve.

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