Mike Epstein on Hitting Book

This book by Mike Epstein on Hitting is this former Major Leaguer's teaching on what he knows about hitting as he experienced it and learned it at the feet of one of the greatest hitters of all time, Ted Williams.

Mike Epstein on Hitting Book
When I heard of rotational hitting I was directed to learn everything I could about it, which I was willing to do. The name that kept coming up over and over again was Mike Epstein. So the book I purchased was this one - Mike Epstein on Hitting.

I learned all about his findings where he challenged hitters that what they were being taught didn't match what you see on Baseball Tonight when they showed the "Touch 'em All" segment.

I've been seeing interest really starting to increase in the rotational hitting method and this is a great resource to add to your collection so you can help yourself, your child, and/or players hit with this method.

Do you want to do all you can to help your players hit better and stronger?

The Mike Epstein on Hitting Book is the perfect way to have Mike Epstein himself teach you what he's found out and introduce you, your players, even your school, organization, or league to a whole new way to think about hitting a baseball or for that matter hitting a fastpitch softball.

Get it today, start learning, and start having your hitters hit the Mike Epstein on Hitting way.

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