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Coach Andy's Internet Hitting E-zine, Issue #005 -- What's the difference? Part II
November 25, 2003

Girls Fastpitch Softball Hitting

vs. Baseball Hitting Part 2

In my last newsletter I started a discussion on the difference between girls' fastpitch softball hitting and baseball hitting. If you missed it, you can read it by clicking this link and then clicking on issue #004. I left out some of the differences due to space.

Most of the major league coaches are advocating a swing that's rotational. What the softball hitting swing advocates is a quick, barrel of the bat to the ball in a slightly downward motion.

The biggest difference you can see visually on the baseball swing is the slight upward motion to be more in the line with the pitch that is coming in a downward plane. One other less obvious difference is the watching the rear elbow. With a baseball swing the elbow goes down and in close to the body, by the hip. With the softball swing, it stays more on the plane with the other elbow (almost like both elbows were resting on a table).

This action would show another difference in the plane that the bat's path will take. For the softball swing the bat barrel will stay above the hands, where the baseball swing will have the bat barrel lay flat (parallel to the ground) or even below that.

Now UCLA is teaching a baseball swing

Just as I was preparing this newsletter, I visited the National Coaches Clinic in Irvine, California and heard Sue Enquist talk on hitting. Her views have changed over the past 2 years and she is starting to teach the baseball swing to her hitters!

This is a huge upheaval to all of us that are teaching hitting. I have talked to Larry Mays, 12 ASA national championship coach, Phil Bruder, 11 ASA national championship coach, Kim Maher, hitting coach for 2002 NCAA champions and runners-up to UCLA this past year, Bobby Simpson, international hitting clinician, and Ralph Weekly, former hitting coach to the national teams and University of Tennessee head coach. Each of them still hold to what we've been teaching, but they all respect Sue and her study of the game. Even Sue herself acknowledges that she taught the same things as we all do, just 2 years back.

I've arranged a meeting with Coach Enquist to give you the most up to date theories in hitting. So hang on to your seats, it looks like there will be a Part III.

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Coach Andy

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