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This system of hitting can help ANYONE
November 04, 2022

This system of hitting can help ANYONE

I realized hitting and throwing and catching were issues for most kids every time I watch a youth baseball game or a girls' fastpitch softball game.

I see it still when I play with men and women of all ages from 20 - 70 who don't even grip the ball correctly when they're throwing or don't swing in a way that will give them any power because no one taught them correctly in their youth.

I watch parents in the stands feeling embarrassed for their kids when they either don't swing or they strike out or just hit weak grounders when other kids their age seem to do great.

Here's the story behind the solution I offer:

I realized that HITTING was the thing kids and parents talked about the most. You can make errors in a game, but if you really get a hold of one that's what your kid will remember and you'll probably brag about it to the other parents. "Did you see my kid's home run?" or "What about when my kid drove in the winning run?"

Feeling like I owed it to the kids I was coaching to get the best information on hitting I came up with a one-page simplified document that explained what I knew of hitting at the time and took it to the hitting coach of the Olympic Team to review, not some local yokle. He said I had it right.

Here's the journey I went on to find the solution I offer now:

I haven't stopped learning so once while I was attending the National Fastpitch Coaching Association's national convention, multi-time national championship coach of UCLA, Sue Enquist, created a bombshell in her seminar, saying "Everything we'd been teaching about hitting was wrong!". So again wanting to know what was best for my students, I went and actually talked with Sue personally to make sure I had this swing down correctly.

I created a DVD explaining what we knew before and this new approach.

So in my continuing quest, I started interviewing the best minds in the game of fastpitch softball (if your game is baseball instead, don't check out now, it gets to you), so I lined up Mike Candrea, the winningest coach in NCAA history and 2-time Olympic Coach, one of the top hitters in Pro Softball, Alexa Petersen, and Team Canada's fastpitch strength and conditioning coach, Marc Dagenais, along with some others only to find out the teaching on hitting has shifted to match the baseball swing so I added the vision training consultant to the New York Yankees, the Hitting Coach that turned Justin Turner into an all-star MLB hitter, Driveline Baseball with all of their electronic recording devices, a sports psychologist to the pros. I recorded these and my talk on hitting training devices and put them on DVDs as well.

So how does all of this knowledge get into a beginner or someone who's not succeeding at a high level's brain?

Maybe you've done this yourself, scouring YouTube or reading books on the subject, or hoping your team's coach knows what they are teaching is going to help your child.

It was just a couple of years ago with all of this knowledge in my head wondering how to condense it to help players "GET IT".

That's when my Star Hitting System came into view.

It happened when I was a hitting coach over at a high school. And I watched as they had kids come over, that had never hit before and never played the game before. They decided they'd come out for the high school team.

So they started "hitting". And when the coaches were looking at a person hitting, what happened was they told them to do the grip a certain way, or do something else they thought would get them going.

This one girl was really struggling because she really had never hit before. Trying to fix what was something that she'd never done before was futile.

So I asked to work with her. And I discovered that if I used five simple motions, kids would get it.

45 minutes later she was hitting like the rest of the team and even better than some.

This is when I knew I was meant to teach what others couldn’t.

I also realized that somebody needed to teach the “beginner or weak hitter” how to get results without bogging them down with a whole bunch of stuff that only confuses them or makes them freeze up.

Turning kids who struggled into kids with smiles on their faces and the look of enjoyment on their parent's faces as well.

But more on that tomorrow...

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