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New Prime Day Deals to Help You Hitting
October 13, 2020

Prime Day for Hitting

Even if you saw my email about Amazon's 2 day Prime Day this one has new deals.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you'll be able to help your hitting by scooping up on deals on hitting training tools or simply get bats and balls or other items that will help your team or league.

Or buy and save enough on the other items that you would've bought at higher prices and put the savings into purchasing the hitting toys you wanted.

If you don't have a Prime account, it might be worth it to buy the account, just to participate in this 2 day event

Here are some new deals Franklin Batting Gloves 10% off during Prime Day Loudmouth Batting Gloves with fun graphics - 20% off Fitbit watches to be in the best shape for game day - 29% off Here are Exercise Deals on mats, weights, and machines so you'll be stronger to hit it harder Oakley sunglasses so you can see the ball better - 20% off

Here's a pitching machine you can get for the grandkids or your younger hitters, marked down to $29.99 lists for $49.99

Or maybe you'd like to get your baseball stats by just calling out to Alexa "Alexa, who played third base for the Pirates in 1960?" They have a tremendous deal on one of their own devices selling for only $23.99 instead of their regularly marked down price of $64.98 -

Or maybe you'd just like to watch a baseball or softball video, they're even marking those down (some by 50%) -

If You Want to Stock Up on Holiday Items

Like a new way to film your games with a new drone camera where you can save $40 will take you to gift ideas under $25.

These links help me out. Thanks.

You probably realize that these links might benefit me as I have an affiliate relationship with Amazon, but I never recommend anything that I wouldn't use or think wouldn't help your hitting or coaching.

If none of these items I listed above interest you, but you want to check out prime day for any general items, please use this link as it helps me out as well, thanks for understanding. Your Prime Day Deals will be listed here.

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