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Coach Andy's Hitting E-zine, #24 - Listening about hitting
October 11, 2005

Listening About Hitting

and other hitting related news

What you'll find in this issue:

I. How listening about hitting from past great hitters can help your hitting

II. Rotational Hitting can be taught incorrectly

III. Launch Date for the Hitting Video

IV. Would You like to Make Money

Are you watching the Major League Playoffs right now?

Maybe you play softball and feel there's no benefit. But hear me out here. There is great benefit from watching the playoffs no matter who you are and the reason is not even to watch the hitters, it's to listen to the announcers.

ESPN and FOX both hire some former players as announcers and some of them are Hall of Famers who have lifetime batting averages over .300.

If you have a chance to listen to Joe Morgan or Tony Gwynn I would really encourage you to do so. Listen to what they're saying about what a hitter should be looking for from the pitcher, or what they want to be trying to do as a hitter.

Recently they were talking about Jason Giambi hitting it the opposite way and the type of swing he needed to do that and then comparing it to the swing he actually took. Another time they were talking about how Jorge Posada needed it to hit it anywhere but the pitcher to get the tying run across, since there were less than two outs and runners were on 2nd and 3rd. Another time the announcer mentioned that the situation called for a fly ball, while a different time it called for the bunt.

This could be a great time to watch with parent and child together or player and coach so you could talk about why the announcers are saying what they are.

That's how the players of old used to get better, they'd talk hitting.

Sometimes it's not even so much about technique as the attitude you pick up from people who've made it to the top of their game, Hall of Famer's or Championship players.

It's fun for me to talk with Phil Bruder who's won 12 national championships over the 35 years he's been coaching or to a Sue Enquist who's been involved in most of UCLA's national championships, either as a player, an assistant coach, or now as head coach. I also spend my time talking with other big time theorists on hitting.

I've recorded one of these conversations. You may want to listen to it for the hitting techniques, but you might also like to just hear how a national champion talks and thinks. It comes across in their thinking as to why they use the techniques they do. Here's where to go for the Phil Bruder Recording.

And here's where to go to see and hear from Sue Enquist.

And for those of you waiting for my video to come out, read on below, but if you want information about the rotational swing in baseball, many feel Mike Epstein is the leader in teaching that swing. Mike was a World Series champion with the Oakland A's and was a disciple of Hall of Famer, Ted Williams. So I've arranged for you to get a book on Mike Epstein's rotational hitting methods.

Rotational Done Wrong

Remember when I warned you at the beginning of my writings about rotational hitting that if you were going to pick it up, to please master it, because the other way of swinging, a linear style would serve you better if it was mastered than only a 50% correct rotational swing.

I observed this phenomenon first hand this last week, when I saw a team go into their hitting drills. You could tell from what they were doing that it was a team that was switching to rotational, but every kid was doing the drill wrong and not one coach was correcting them. It looked like a team that had a coach that believed that rotational was a better swing and that UCLA and Sue Enquist endorsed it, so they started doing some of the drills that emphasized the motion, but they themselves didn't have any idea as to how the drill translated into what they were wanting to achieve.

Again, it only is effective if done correctly. My video will cover how to do both swings correctly and what the advantages and disadvantages are to each style. From there you can correctly choose what's best for you (and your team) and review the steps to make that great.

Announcing the Launch of my Video

Good News! I've seen the 1st draft of the video and I think it captures what I wanted to convey to any player, parent, or coach who's trying to understand the differences between the two styles of hitting that are being taught. The other thing I think I captured for you is making the steps easy to comprehend.

I made minor changes to the video I was shown and it's been done and shipped off to the publisher who's putting the cover together as we read.

I'm hoping to get it out to you by October 30th, so that I'll have a really happy birthday!

Watch your inbox around that date.

Want to Make Money?

I would like to reward you if any of you would like to help me spread the word about my new video. Please contact me if you have a list of folks that might be interested, if you have a league or team you'd like to share this with, if you have a camp or clinic where you can share this and I'll see to it that we work out an arrangement where you can make anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the profits (depending on the amount of work done on your end).

Submit your name, the amount of videos you feel you can sell, and any other information you feel will be helpful to me via e-mail.

If you have any other questions for me, e-mail using the link above.

For other hitting learning, go to the past issues of my hitting newsletter page.

Welcome to you who are new to my hitting e-zine.

Thanks for reading and talk to you next time.

Coach Andy

6801 Dove St. Ventura, CA 93003


Coach Andy Collins has been helping players achieve their goals in softball and baseball for over 30 years. He's an advisor to national teams and can help you be a better hitter. He offers free information on his website and through free e-mail hitting lessons.

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