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Your kids can learn to hit in 5 easy steps
November 05, 2022

Your kids can learn to hit in 5 easy steps

Here's how I teach kids to learn to hit and how it works:

One of the strangest things is when you start in the exact opposite way that every other hitting coach introduces how to hit, you get kids hitting faster, less afraid of the ball, and hitting harder.

And that's what I do with my Star Hitting method.

It’s as simple as:
1. Use the most powerful stance so that you have the most powerful base to start the hitting motion.
2. Start getting some momentum going so that your hitter is already moving when the pitch is coming in and is not standing flat-footed.
3. Practice a powerful swing that you can make every time without ever missing to build the right muscle memory and gain confidence.
4. Imitate some movements that are already familiar to reemphasize the previously done movements
5. Follow a simple little sing-songy routine to help your vision tracking of the ball

With that formula I can literally help someone do all of the following and MORE:

* Turn a non-hitter into one that is swinging the bat
* Turn a weak hitter into one that can start putting the ball into the outfield and not always hitting weak ground balls
* And turn an average hitter into one the team counts on for driving the ball hard and sometimes over the outfielders' heads
* And much, much more

I know it sounds incredible, but I’m actually downplaying everything this training technique and I can help your kids do.

I figured out how to do this as I watched other coaches fail to get a beginning hitter to do anything near to hitting the ball correctly.

I had been teaching the movements to my students who come to me for private hitting lessons but just not all in such a compact set of instructions.

So I asked the other coaches if I could work with the kid.

And for 45 minutes I took the bat out of their hands and did nothing but the motions all good hitters take, then when we added the bat, boom, boom, boom, they were hitting up to speed with the rest of the team that many of the players had been playing the game for years.

I started using this no-bat technique with every new student-athlete, whether it was for girls' fastpitch softball or baseball it worked like a charm.

Long story short, they LOVED it!!

And at that moment I knew I had something cool on my hands.

Because of that, I realized I had to STOP worrying about how others taught hitting and start going gung-ho into teaching hitting this way.

I believe this will revolutionize hitting instruction for the younger and less experienced players so that they will be enjoying coming up to bat instead of feeling fearful.

But you wanna know why I teach hitting this way now? Because of the joy I see on the kid's and parent's faces! When I hear a parent excitedly tell me that I should've seen Chloe hit one to the outfield and that a high school coach was watching and came up and said "I didn't know little girls could hit that well" or when a father says to me, "Andy, I had a tear in my eye as Brandon hit one over the fence."

That’s what keeps me going. To KNOW that I’m making a difference in these families' lives … having an impact that reaches far beyond me!

But that's a story for another day...

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I’d love to hear from you about this. Are your kids struggling with hitting? Would you love to see them hit harder or even swing the bat or stop bailing out? Did this message inspire you or wake something up inside you? I’d love to know!

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See you tomorrow,

Coach Andy Collins

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