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Journaling Makes You Better at Hitting
October 27, 2020

Journaling Makes You Better at Hitting

Does journaling makes you better at hitting?

How can writing help your hitting?

What I've always suggested is journaling what you're learning at practice, or if you go take lessons from a private coach, during a game, and even watching other's games either in person or on TV (especially now during the World Series).

And write your thoughts either right at the time or right afterwards while it's still fresh in your mind.

It can be about the mechanics of your swing, the mental aspects, your self-talk, or anything about your fielding or positioning, or baserunning. Anything that will enhance your performance of the game.

Then from time to time review your notes.

You'll be surprised at what you will remember and it just might be the play that happens in your next game.

Some examples from my life

Even though I've been coaching 50 years I recently reviewed some notes from 20 years ago and found a drill I had stopped using and it was perfect for what my next student needed at the time.

One of my students reviewed her little notepad right before a game and it jogged her memory about how to frame a pitch from her catching position.

More advanced journaling

You can even be more sophisticated if you're going to be seeing the same pitchers and players over and over. Noting the pitch sequence, their strongest pitch, what they throw when they get behind, or when they get 0-2 or at a full count. You can also write down how you did on each at bat and on what count and type of pitch and how the defense was positioned or how many runners were on base and on and on.

If you'd like to hear me talk about it, I recorded a video on YouTube. You can watch the journaling video here where I go into more on the advanced strategies.

2 journals I recommend

I believe in journaling so much that I designed a journal that has blank pages to write in but I also included motivational quotes from baseball legends and some places to store news clippings and photos as well as pages that you can map positioning on the field. I have one for baseball and another one for softball.

These journals have 104 pages (in case you want to journal each week, that's 2 pages per week) with 52 motivational sayings related to baseball (or softball), hitting, fielding, succeeding towards your goals, etc. There are 9 blank pages where you can post pictures, newspaper articles about your team, mementos, draw, or whatever you want to use them for. And there are 10 pictures of diamonds where you can jot down where your teammates play or show how some play is supposed to work.

Here's the one for baseball My Baseball Journal: A notebook to record your goals, new knowledge, and memories and the one for softball My Softball Journal: A place to record your goals, new training, and memories

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Talk to you next time
Coach Andy

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