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Following my hitting advice and practicing made an all-star!
November 07, 2022

Following my hitting advice and practicing made an all-star!

You might be asking yourself who exactly does Coach Andy help? Who are the types of people who benefit from my Star Hitting method?

Well let me tell you a quick story about a specific person I helped.

While I have many stories ranging from kids in both girls' fastpitch softball and baseball, this one is a story about Brandon, who started playing Little league when he was 8 years old. Before that, he only played catch in the backyard.

I started working with Brandon right after his 2nd season of playing Little League was finished and he asked me what he would need to do to make all-stars the following year as a 10-year-old.

Brandon was just an average kid. In fact, out of the 120 kids that played in his league, I'd say he was probably rated number 60 which wasn't too bad considering he started later than a lot of kids. But since the all-stars take the top 12, he was going to have to do a lot of work. Even taking into account that some of the kids might drop out of the league, he was still going to have to pass some 40 kids in skill to even have a chance to make the team.

The thing that set Brandon apart was that he realized no matter what he did, he wasn't going to get good enough just doing what all the other kids were doing, going to practices, doing the little number of drills his team coaches had him do in practices and games.

Plus the coaches he had maybe had some little league experience themselves or maybe even played in high school years ago.

He didn't know what he didn't know and that most coaches just work with the knowledge of what they learned in the past, not interacting with top coaches in the country and what methods are working the best today to get the best and fastest results.

Not to mention there's the whole process of getting the attention of the selectors and how to work around league politics :)

Here's how I helped him overcome those obstacles:

In addition to having lessons with him one on one, I gave him a practice schedule that he could chart out on a calendar, so many swings a day off of a tee, so many throws and fielding exercises, etc.

With his work ethic, I knew all Brandon needed was to stick to the plan over the off months until the season started up again and he would be well on his way to obtaining his goal.

You should have seen tryouts and his first practice.

He did hit the farthest ball of all the kids in tryouts, but that seemed to be discounted as a fluke, so the coaches that picked the new teams let Brandon drop until the 5th round, basically, they remembered he was a middle-of-the-pack kid.

But boy oh boy, the coach that picked him was shocked to find that in every way Brandon was way better than even his number 1 pick!

Bottom line: Brandon started using my advice, practiced what I taught him, and got really good at hitting and playing baseball.

He was super happy.

And yes, he made the all-star team, being the 5th highest-rated player in the league.

This put him on track to make multiple all-star teams after that and would have made the high school baseball team if he hadn't discovered water polo along the way and made the high school team playing that instead.

But while we love baseball, aren't we all just trying to raise kids that are happy and well-adjusted?

The last time I talked to him, he was just 2 months away from completing his 4 year college degree, and he just got married, so he's also spending time with his beautiful new bride. Can’t ask for more than that!

What a journey...

Reach Out To Let Me Know What You Think

I’d love to hear from you about this. Does Brandon’s story resonate with you at all?

Now I know your kid might not want to make an all-star team as Brandon did. But do your kids need help making more contact with the ball, making more powerful contact, getting that first hit out to the outfield, or even over the fence?

By the way, what sports do your kids play? I’d love to know, especially because it’ll help me know more about my customers and how I can help you with YOUR kids.

Hit reply and let me know what you think...

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