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Are you still interested in hitting?
October 08, 2019

What to do if you're still into hitting

If you're not anymore, please unsubscribe (link at the bottom), I won't be offended. I understand that your kid may no longer play or you've found other interests, but ...

If you still want good hitting advice from me, the Internet Hitting Coach, who will be coming on his 50th year of coaching next spring, who still plays 3 times a week, and still gives private lessons and is being interviewed to coach at one of the area's high schools, then read on.

I've seen so many players in their desire to hit better want to buy a new $300-$500 bat, when I will tell anyone who will listen that getting individual hitting lessons will produce far more results than a different bat.

If you're near me above Los Angeles, email me and we can set up some lessons, but if you're not, I've found the next best thing, 100 videos that take you from A-Z in the proper mechanics to hitting with power (even if you're not a power hitter) and strike out less.

It's called the Hitting Vault and I even made a video recommending it. You can view it here

I know that resource will help you on your hitting and they teach the same things I teach. The lead instructor, just got hired by the Chicago White Sox to lead their minor league hitting programs. (And if you're worried about that he will only be teaching for baseball he also was a women's college softball hitting coach and has Alexa Peterson, a pro player demonstrating for the women).

In future newsletters I'm going to show you a couple of other ways you can hit better without spending all that money on a new bat.

And if any of your hitters have a goal of making all-stars this upcoming year my book is available for download on Just search for "How to Make All-Stars". Or look for the amazonbook That's all I have for you now.

Talk to you next time
Coach Andy

6801 Dove St.Ventura, CA 93003


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