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Here are my hitting gift ideas
November 28, 2019

Here Are My Hitting Gift Ideas For You

Around this time of year we're thinking of Hitting Gift Ideas and these normally focus on getting a new bat to help us hit better.

What if I could show you some gift ideas for hitters that would help them hit better and harder than buying that $300 bat and cost less?

Full Disclosure: If you follow any of these links and you purchase the product I receive a small commission. However these are all products I have personally purchased and use myself.

I'll group them by categories:


I've been telling you about the Hitting Vault where they have 100's of videos teaching the proper way to hit and offer 30 day programs on learning the right way to hit and another 30 day program training your body, getting your muscles that are used in hitting, to become stronger.

I know that resource will help you on your hitting and they teach the same things I teach. The lead instructor, just got hired by the Chicago White Sox to lead their minor league hitting programs. (And if you're worried about that he will only be teaching for baseball he also was a women's college softball hitting coach and has Alexa Peterson, a pro player demonstrating for the women).

And starting Friday he's got a Black Friday special that will bring the price down to $149 or $199 depending if you're just a player or a coach and that's for a whole year. That's about what I charge for 1 - 2 months of lessons and I purchased the coaching package of theirs myself even though I've been coaching for over 45 years and keep studying hitting.

So if you want to see what it's all about see his fastpitch page if you're playing baseball make sure you don't buy until Friday to save $50 - $100.

Sorry Slo-pitch folks, nothing for you on this one, but the rest of these are for you as well.



One of the best ways to be a better hitter is to practice, practice, practice.

So hitting off of a tee is one of the best ways to do this. The best tee for the money is

It's not as sturdy as the Tanner Tee, but it's sturdy enough and it has the rolled tubing on top so you don't break the tee after hitting the top too many times. So it's about twice as expensive as a cheap tee but it will last 3 times as long or more, but half the price of the Tanner.

I don't beat up tees, but my cheap ones broke after a year or so and the current one has lasted a couple of years, but if you have a whole team using it, you may want the heavy duty Tanner Tee


To save yourself fetching balls, you should probably get a net to hit into. And while the Bownet is the power player in the net business I have gotten good use out of this brand at almost half the cost of a Bownet.

Pitching Machine

Yes that's right, getting your own personal pitching machine so you can take 100 - 300 swings a day. How good would you get then?

I know you must be thinking that there's no way this item is under a $300 bat, but it is by a bunch.

And you can use it in your garage, large den, outdoors or a ton of places because it pitches whiffle balls, but not just any old whiffle balls, but golf sized poly balls which also sharpens your eye-hand coordination. And for good measure we make it even tougher by throwing in a 1" diameter bat that's the size and weight to match your game bat. It has 4 settings to allow it to throw fastballs, curves in and out, and slow pitch or toss mode.

Read all about it on my website, because this isn't a referral to an Amazon product, it's a product I endorse and sell telling you MyPersonalPitcherstory

Stocking Stuffers for under $10

Thumb Thingee

If over half of the major leaguers use something and it's available to you for under $10 and it fits in a stocking shouldn't you all get one for each of your hitters?

I'm talking about that thing you saw a lot of them wearing on their top hand's thumb that looked like a piece of rubber.

What it does is it forces you to place your bat in your hands correctly and if it fixes that for you, you'll hit better immediately before any other changes. (They have sizes for kids to adults in white, black, navy blue, or red).

It's a safe bet that big leaguers know how to grip a bat correctly, so there must be other advantages to using one. They use it to reduce the sting and vibration of the bat on a pitch that they can't quite get on the sweet spot and it helps them make their grip tighter so they can hit it harder.

By now hopefully you'll try one out. (Almost everybody who's tried it is still using one. It helps me in Slow Pitch softball and I use it all the time and we don't get jammed on pitches, it just helps me hit the ball harder).


And if any of your hitters have a goal of making all-stars this upcoming year my book is available for download as a Kindle book on Just search for "How to Make All-Stars". Or get the paperback by looking for the amazonbook .

I've also produced a journal currently for softballers, (the baseball edition will be out shortly. I'll let you know) where you can write down everything you're learning about the game, about your position, about each at bat. It's especially good for keeping notes on pitchers you'll face again.

It's here on my Facebook page Click on the image to get more information.

That's all I have for you now.

Talk to you next time
Coach Andy

6801 Dove St.Ventura, CA 93003


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