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A hitting corona virus response
March 14, 2020

A Hitting Corona Virus Response

If you're like most of us, you can't play or practice with your team for a couple of weeks now (or much longer), so what's our corona virus response going to be?

You really have 2 choices, shut it down, feel sorry for how unfair this is or you can do something proactive.

As we also know, unless you'd already decided that this was the last year you were ever going to play and your league has cancelled the whole season, we know that there will be games again and you can control how good you'll be once games start up.

Practice Off a Tee

Until your swing is perfect, I'd suggest hitting off a tee into a net. You can get a net here and a tee here

That should run $100 or so, but you don't need to spend that much. You can get a cheap tee for $25 and just hit into a blanket and you can get balls to hit by going down to the local tennis courts and using their thrown away tennis balls (the ones that don't bounce well enough to play tennis anymore but are perfect to beat up off a batting tee).

The net and tee I mention above come from China, in case that freaks you out, but it's obviously been more than 9 days since it went from their factory to Amazon to your house, but if you want an American made product, the best by far is Bownet which you can see here Their factory is less than 10 miles down the road from me and we haven't had any cases of the corona virus reported in these parts.

But the best response is:

In addition to tee work, the best thing would be to hit off a pitching machine, but you may not feel like going to the cages, so why not get your own? What about costs? What if I told you about a pitching machine that was less than $250 and it can take up as little as a 12' by 12' space.

This pitching machine throws golf ball whiffles which will help you focus better and the balls can't fly very far or damage too much.

And if you're really up for a challenge use the gro-bat (a 1" bat that's the same weight as your game bat) to hit those golf ball sized balls.

Read all about it in MyPersonalPitcherstory here.

I told you last time how I personally didn't know anyone who used it on a regular basis who didn't make their high school team and how it was $200 cheaper than a leading competitive product.

I really recommend this product and it's the perfect corona virus response while we're sitting out for a while.

Upcoming News

Keep watching your emails for an email from me announcing a DVD version of the Internet Hitting Clinic that I ran about a year ago with 9 top hitting experts covering the latest and best hitting techniques for baseball and fastpitch softball, based on video analysis, from pro players and coaches, data driven analytics, and the winningest coach in NCAA Women's softball history, plus interviews with a 30 year vision consultant to the New York Yankees, a top sports psychologist, a 10 year strength and conditioning coach for Team Canada and recommendations from me on bats and the best hitting training tools.
So that's it for now. I will have more information on social media and in upcoming emails.

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