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I make sure I teach kids the absolute best way to hit
November 06, 2022

I make sure I teach kids the absolute best way to hit

After 25 years of coaching, people started seeking me out to help their kids get better so I started giving private lessons.

Feeling like I owed it to the kids I was coaching to get the best information on hitting I came up with a one-page simplified document that explained what I knew of hitting at the time and took it to the hitting coach of the Olympic Team who said it was right.

About this time, while I was attending the National Fastpitch Coaching Association's national convention, multi-time national championship coach of UCLA, Sue Enquist, created a bombshell in her seminar, saying "Everything we'd been teaching about hitting was wrong!". So again wanting to know what was best for my students, I went and talked with Sue personally to make sure I had this swing down correctly.

In my quest for the perfect information about hitting, while still getting great results for kids in their hitting, I went out intending to interview the best minds in the game of fastpitch softball. I lined up Mike Candrea, the winningest coach in NCAA history and 2-time Olympic Coach, Alexa Peterson, one of the top hitters in Pro Softball, and Marc Dagenais, Team Canada's fastpitch strength and conditioning coach, along with some others.

But lo and behold, I came to find out the teaching on hitting a softball had shifted again to match the baseball swing so I added the vision training consultant to the New York Yankees, the Hitting Coach that turned Justin Turner into an all-star MLB hitter, Driveline Baseball with all of their electronic recording devices, a sports psychologist to the pros. and I recorded these.

So now, after thousands of hours of study, research, thinking, and helping others, I feel very confident that I can take a look at just 3 swings of any kid and figure out what’s working and what needs fixing.

I like to boil it down to easy-to-understand and remember steps, all while making it fun so that any kid that learns my Star Hitting System can learn the basics in one lesson and after a little more repetition and making sure the kid is doing it right they start becoming the confident hitter you knew or hoped they would become.

What a journey, right?...

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