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Time to Get Hitting
December 23, 2016

Time to Get Hitting

If you haven't already, it's time to get hitting to get ready for the upcoming season and I've just posted a new video that shows a simple way to get in your swings even if you're limited to the indoors or don't have lots of equipment. Hitting practice by putting a sock in it

So what did you think?

Am I right? Am I wrong? Feel free to leave comments on the YouTube page or to email me.

And if any of your hitters have a goal of making all-stars this year my book is available for download on Just search for "How to Make All-Stars". Or look for the amazonbook That's all I have for you now. I look to be much more active this season and I'm introducing new training programs for hitters and for any of you who are in need of coaching training.

Talk to you next time
Coach Andy

6801 Dove St. Ventura, CA 93003


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