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Take the 30 day hitting challenge
January 07, 2020

The 30 Day Hitting Challenge

The start of the year always inspires us to be better than we were last year, so I want to encourage you to take the 30 day hitting challenge.

It's simple, just practice your hitting every day for the next 30 days.

That should time itself as you go into tryouts or the season (or for some of you in the colder climates, maybe use it as a springboard to continue practicing every day).

If you're working on a part of your swing or on new mechanics it will take about 3,000 perfectly executed practice swings to develop the muscle memory to get these new movements to be a part of your game swing.

At first 3,000 swings might seem overwhelming, but if you were to take 100 swings a day, you'd reach your goal by the end of the 30 day challenge! Yay!!

And to help you get through those hundred swings easier, if you're hitting off a tee, I've recorded me encouraging you to do your 50 swings. (listening to it twice a day, just hitting 20 minutes a day and you'll have your 3,000 swings before you know it).

The recording is an mp3 file that you can download into your phone and play back over and over.

Get it here 50swingsMP3 . Following the link will take you to a page where you can hear a sample of the recording and then just click on the 3 dots to the right of the recording to download it. To make it super easy, view this email from your phone and download it directly, otherwise you'll need to transfer it to your phone from your computer.

Practice Off a Tee

Until your swing is perfect, I'd suggest hitting off a tee into a net. You can get a net here and a tee here

That should run $100 or so, but you don't need to spend that much. You can get a cheap tee for $25 and just hit into a blanket and you can get balls to hit by going down to the local tennis courts and using their thrown away tennis balls (the ones that don't bounce well enough to play tennis anymore but are perfect to beat up off a batting tee).

When You're Ready to Move Up

When you want to take a 50, 100, 300 swings off of a moving pitch maybe you're ready for a real challenge -- hitting golf ball whiffles. And if you're really up for a challenge use the gro-bat (a 1" bat that's the same weight as your game bat) to hit those golf ball sized balls.

Read all about it in MyPersonalPitcherstory here.

I told you last time how I personally didn't know anyone who used it on a regular basis who didn't make their high school team and how it was $200 cheaper than a leading competitive product.

So that's it for now. I will have more information on social media and in upcoming emails.

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