Keep Your Eye On the Ball

You know you have to keep your eye on the ball, but until now there wasn't a way to train your eyes to do just that.

Introducing the I-ON Training Glasses

The I-ON Eye Trainer was developed by Dr. Gregory S. Moore, a practicing optometrist and former team eye doctor for the Chicago Cubs®. His revolutionary invention effectively blocks peripheral vision, forcing you to focus and track the ball into the hitting zone.

• Improve Concentration and Eye-Hand Coordination
• Develop Muscle Memory
• Build Confidence
• Maximize Ball Contact
• Dramatically Improve Hitting Performance
• Ideal for Baseball and Softball
• Fits Hitters Seven and Older
• Can Be Used Over Prescription Glasses

Don't you want to make better contact?

By blocking a batter's peripheral vision, the I-ON Eye Trainer forces the eye to follow the trajectory of the ball from point of release all the way into the hitting zone. The patented adjusting system is one-size-fits-all and was developed for training in a soft-toss, slow-paced setting to maximize muscle memory and improve eye-hand coordination. If used properly, a recommended 15 minutes per day, ball players of all ages and skill levels can achieve immediate, noticeable results.

“This product is the result of nearly 20 years of research and testing, based on a combination of science and hands on experience,” said Dr. Moore, an optometrist and inventor of the I-ON and chief technology officer at MSS Performance.

Eye on the ball is as important as hitting mechanics

The pages of my website are filled with ways to be a better hitter but most of them focus on the mechanical swing, which is very important, but if you have a perfect swing but don't see the ball correctly by keeping your eye on the ball that can all be thrown away.

If you understand the value of this and want to order these special training glasses immediately, then go here now.

Otherwise let me tell you a few experiences I've had and a few others have had with the I-ON trainers.

One of my hitters hit a lot better after one session

Let me tell you what happened to one of my students when I took him through the drills as outlined in the included manual and training DVD that is included with the trainers.

Here are the instructions. Take 25 swings normally, which we did. He made good solid contact on 5 of them (he's a good hitting 9 year old who's been coming to me for sometime.

Then begin training, you follow these steps:

Without wearing the I-ON and without swinging your bat, stand in the batter’s box and practice watching as the pitcher softly throws to the catcher (less than 21 mph). Watch the ball all the way from the pitcher’s release point to the catcher’s mitt. Do this for 15 pitches

Then use the glasses. First adjust the I-ON as needed. Then repeat the pre-training routine for 15 pitches using the glasses, followed by slow pepper drills using the glasses, then allowing your hitter to hit away, but still only lobbing the ball from 10 - 15 feet away at a speed less than 21 mph (the doctor explains why in his manual).

That's all you do for the session and hit another 25 and see how it works.

For this student I stopped at 18 pitches because he hammered 16 of them.

I will admit I've just worked with the glasses with the one student and my own son who didn't have the same remarkable results, but they are causing him to focus more, so while the speed of results isn't as quick, they are working. I also have my son use them while hitting off the tee.

What others have to say

I'm just going to let others tell you the story and let you decide for yourself if the I-ON trainers will help your hitters keep their eye on the ball and help them be better hitters.

Starting with the player who has the 2nd highest lifetime batting average among active players in the Major Leagues, Todd Helton, (.331 lifetime).

“The I-ON Eye Trainer is an incredible pratice tool for all ages and abilities. After using the I-ON for just a short time, you’ll be making better contact with the ball and having more solid hits. You’ll be amazed at the improvement in your batting. I-ON really works.”

Here are many others:

"Good athletes are blessed with good hand-eye coordination. When you can enhance that, it just makes them better. Look at pictures of hitters at the point of contact. Their eyes are actually five or six feet in front of the ball. The key is getting the eyes closer to the contact point."

Richie Zisk, Former MLB all-star outfielder and longtime Minor League hitting instructor for the Chicago Cubs®


"Hitting the ball is hard enough without having your head going up and down. The I-ON Eye Trainer will definitely help hitters with tracking the ball, keeping their eyes focused and holding their heads still."

Steve Roadcap, Minor League Manager, Philadelphia Phillies® Organization


"I have used the product with several of my players and the results are exactly what I hoped they would be. I have been using them primarily on tee drills, and it seems to show the players when they are moving their heads instead of using their eyes to see the ball. I have also tried the glasses out myself, and I think they’re unbelievable."

Donnie Ross, former University of Tennessee and Minor League baseball player


"After using the I-ON training glasses myself and with my students it was apparent that this device does two things: It helps to train the hitter’s less dominant eye, and more importantly, it provides immediate feedback regarding a hitter's head position during the swing. If my students lose sight of the ball at any time during the swing, they know that their head is either tilted or shifted forward during the swing. This is a tremendous tool for teaching the head position fundamentals of the baseball swing."

Matt Wilson, PhD, former college and professional baseball player Envoy Coach for Major League Baseball International 16 years of baseball camp and clinic experience Assistant Baseball Coach Lima Locos, Great Lakes Collegiate Summer League


"Training your players to build proper muscle memory is just as important as weight training, but it’s a lot more difficult to do when you don’t have the proper tools. That’s where the I-ON Eye Trainer came into play. It was crucial to our players’ success because it physically forced them to keep their eyes on the ball. …We saw a big difference in batting performance from all of our players, even the ones who have been playing their entire lives. The I-ON Eye Trainer definitely works, and we’re committed to using the product in training going forward."

John McNeal Head Baseball Coach Friendship Christian High School Lebanon, Tenn.


"The biggest benefit of the I-ON to our players is focus and immediate feedback pertaining to head movement. If we can get players to understand limiting head movement when swinging, they are going to be more balanced, see the ball better and, in turn, hit the ball harder."

Cindy Wille Associate Head Softball Coach Southern Miss


"While the amount of time we could spend with the I-ON went down the last 2-3 weeks of the season they gave us some much needed work with specific players. We ended the season with a 27-3 record and were ranked 1st the Division 3 state coaches’ poll. We hit .383 as a team (with 8 players hitting between .380 and .465) and averaged 9 runs per game. I have given info on the trainers to a number of coaches and parents so they can use them on a more regular basis and the pair I have will be used this summer by my daughter and a couple of my players. The I-ON contributed to a great season for us."

Glen Morse Head Baseball Coach New London HS New London, OH


"We used the I-ON at a hitting station in our BP most days. It helped a lot and our team hit .311 this year, which was a huge improvement from last year at .281 and 2004 at .283. I had 3 hitters hit over .400 and two more in the .390’s. I will use it in softball this fall."

David Dyer, Head Baseball Coach North Hall HS Gainesville, GA


"The number one thing I am noticing in both older and younger athletes is far less head movement. The head is staying on the ball. I have had the luxury of video taping my athletes and when comparing before and after the head and eyes are on the ball through the swing. It is not pulling off. I have also noticed that the front shoulder is staying closed because of no head movement…I am a believer in your product."

Mick Scholl Head Baseball Coach Burnsville HS Burnsville, MN


"I don't know about you guys, but I've never had a student BEG me to do more tee work or complain to me that they didn't get to finish their one handed swing drills but put the glasses on them and all of a sudden it's FUN and they can't get enough of it! THAT is the secret to your tool guys, you found a way to make it FUN and functional which is why I bet you see such good results in the lower age brackets…."

Greg Gott Youth Softball Coach Seattle, WA


"We are swinging the bats well right now. We are hitting .310 as a team with 21 home runs so far…the glasses have helped us focus on the baseball. We are picking up the breaking pitches pretty good which means we are seeing the spin. I hope they keep us rolling through the season."

Paul Pierce Head Baseball Coach Collins Hill HS Suwanee, GA


"We have seen great benefits using the glasses. If guys are back eye dominant, it instructed them to get their head/eyes more open to the ball. In addition, a few of our players struggled seeing the ball because of excessive head movement (either forward/drift or head moving up/down). The glasses help them keep their head quiet which really helped with their hard contact. We use the glasses about twice a week during waffle ball soft toss from head on and it really reinforces solid mechanics and a concentration using their eyes. You have a great product. I will be using them is summer camp."

Kevin Howard Head Baseball Coach LaGrange College LaGrange, GA


"I will endorse the I-ON wholeheartedly. We will use them with our campers as well as my players. Hopefully it can get us over the hump and get us that National Championship."

Graham Sikes Assistant Baseball Coach Young Harris College Young Harris, GA


"The very first time I used the I-ON I had one of the best batting practices ever. It makes the ball look extremely big after using it. I will continue to use them this summer and fall as I get ready for another season at the University of Arizona."

Jon Gaston Tucson, AZ


"The two best tools I have in my facility are the wood bat and the I-ON Eye Trainer."

Carmen Fusco Former MLB© Scout for the Mets and Brewers organizations Owner of the Fusco Pro Baseball/Softball Academy Lewisberry, PA


"I've been coaching youth baseball for four years and the most important element of batting with young kids (age 10) is hitting the ball, making contact. You can work on swing mechanics all day and all night, but if a kid can't see the ball properly, he won't hit it often enough to feel good about himself (or herself) and to develop a love of baseball. Striking out in baseball has become a metaphor for failure in any aspect of life. Striking out has probably ended millions of baseball careers prematurely before potential stars turn 12 years-old. Training with the I-ON Eye Trainer for just two weeks, I've watched my son's love for baseball grow, along with his confidence. He always wants to practice now, and he approaches the plate in games with confidence and aggressiveness. No bases-on-balls for him! He wants to hit the ball, he knows he can hit the ball, and he hits the ball! We saw immediate (first session) results. Mechanically, he still has a way to go, but with the success and increased motivation he's experienced since we began using the I-ON Eye Trainer, he'll be an attentive, receptive student."

Otto Fad Lakeland, FL


"We have seen the benefits of the I-ON, after the first three practices. This is definitely a confidence builder. Being able to see the ball through the lenses helps tracking the ball to the bat. For a player to know he will see the path of the ball from the start of the pitch to where he is suppose to make contact is a great confidence builder. Having this confidence gives a player an added edge when standing in against a real pitcher. The player focuses only on the ball not on who is pitching or other outside influences which may be bothersome to a batter. Greatest benefits are focus and confidence."

Mike Sullivan Arvada, CO


"I purchased the I-ON for my 13 year old son. He has some eye tracking problems, especially with reading. The early baseball season this year he was struggling as a hitter. Since getting the I-ON his hitting has improved. He is now hitting the ball, although not all are safe hits. His hitting average has increased to .603 (not batting average) from an early season hitting average of 0.285. He is more confident that he can track the ball from the pitcher to the plate and make contact. He is also sharing the glasses with several teammates during practice which has also increased their confidence and ability to hit the ball. I am very impressed with this product."

Kris Jukola Lakewood, CO


"These glasses really work! They were ordered for our son’s high school team in Denver. Our team is young but has heart and gave them a try. We had the neighbor’s kid over to practice – he is just a freshman and had trouble with his batting…He had two hits…good ones…the very next game. The smile on his face was worth a thousand thanks. Wish you could have seen him!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We plan to use them often to get “in the groove”. From our great group of kids and parents at George Washington High School."

Daniel Scott Denver, CO


"Coaches are always telling players to keep their eye on the ball and now there's a product that can actually train them to do just that."

Zach Walker head baseball coach Tampa Bay Technical High School Tampa, Fla

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