Private Batting Lessons for You

Would you like batting lessons from a great hitting coach?

Maybe you've tried to find one in your area with no success.

That's about to change.

Now, with the power of the Internet, I can come to you and give you lessons directly onto your computer screen. Just make sure you have enough room to swing your bat without bashing your computer or your monitor :)

Is that something you'd like? Or at least consider?

Please let me know of your interest immediately as I'll only be able to take 100 students. I get more than 200 people each and every day coming to this website and over a 1,000 on my hitting newsletter, so I need you to at least let me know you're interested before I have to take down this page, due to having no more time to train another person.

Don't miss out on becoming a better hitter. Fill out the little questionairre below which will reserve your right to find out more information about batting lessons from me. I'll even send you the first part of lesson #1 as my thank you for doing so.

Video Hitting Lessons

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If you're just looking for free batting lessons, click here. But if you really want to get to the next level then you need someone who will step you through a perfect swing, get you swinging that way, and help you with drills and breaking any bad habits that are causing you to strike out too often or not hit as hard as you'd like to.

I urge you to not miss out, by filling out the form above right now while you're here.


Coach Andy

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